Friday, April 3, 2009

Online Health Insurance Benefits

You know that Internet is the supreme research tool ever invented and one of the best methods to buy a variety of products. So why would a purchase that requires a little investigation not send people to the Web in droves? If you’re one of the thousands of health insurance shoppers, you should know that shopping online for health insurance is not only easy, it’s real easy. Moreover, to prove it, here are complete step-by-step instructions for online health insurance shopping.

Review Your Needs

Before you grab the mouse, think about your family a moment. What do they need? Are you using medical care regularly? Do you expect the need for maternity care or preventive checkups for children? How often have you and your family visited the doctor in the last year? Do any of you require prescription drugs or have any chronic health diseases? Do you want health insurance that will waive any or most of these expenses, or are you to cover you mostly in the case of an emergency or accident? Getting answers before you start will save you time.

Get Online Health Insurance

You can come to Internet, take a quick tutorial on the differences between plans, and get you free quotes from health insurance providers assortment in a matter of seconds. You can also go to your preferred online search engine and enter keywords like "online health insurance". Check out the top five or ten listings. You will find an extensive list of health insurance companies, licensed agents and insurance referral companies to choose from. You should know the important differences between these types of businesses before you buy a health insurance plan.

Know Who You're Doing Business With

Whether purchasing an online health insurance plan through a licensed agent or directly through the health insurance company, you will want to know who this company is. By selecting a licensed agent, you will save time and trouble by being able to compare health insurance plans online from a variety of insurance companies. These agents are also able to work with the insurance company on your behalf to help resolve your billing or coverage concerns. Licensed health insurance agents are overseen by both the health insurance companies they represent and by your state's Department of Insurance. Any reputable agent should provide their state license number on their website.

An insurance referral website is different from a licensed agent. Referral services will ask for your personal information including, name, address, phone number and medical history. Typically, they do not supply you with an instant quote, but pass your information on to a licensed health insurance agent in your area, which will then contact you with a quote.

What to Compare and What Not To Compare

Compare the coverage levels and benefits presented by various health insurance companies and health insurance plans in your area, but do not waste your time comparing rates for the same plan from multiple sources. Your final rate is based on your personal information and medical history, and since health insurance rates are filed with and regulated by your state's Department of Insurance, your rate will be the same, regardless of whether you purchase your plan through an insurance company or through an agent. Insurance companies cannot undercut the rates offered by agents. Just look at four of five plans that fit your price range and evaluate the benefits to find out best plan for you.

Use an Online Health Insurance Application

It is easy to buy a health insurance plan online though a licensed agent with a secure website and online applications. An online application can make the process simpler and speed up a decision on your application. A licensed online agent can forward your application to the insurance company by e-mail so you do not have to wait for an application to be processed through the mail.

Though it is not quite as simple as buying a book, buying a health insurance plan online is not as problematical as you might suppose. By following the simple steps above and working with a reliable insurance company or licensed online health insurance agent, you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle and make the most of your health insurance dollars.